Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (IDS) | Self-Report - 30 items


Over the past 7 days:


1. Falling Asleep

2. Sleep During the Night

3. Waking Up Too Early

4. Sleeping Too Much

5. Feeling Sad

6. Feeling Irritable

7. Feeling Anxious or Tense

8. Response of Your Mood to Good or Desired Events

9. Mood in Relation to the Time of Day

9A. Is your mood typically worse in the morning, afternoon or night?

9B. Is your mood variation attributed to the environment?

10. The Quality of Your Mood

Only score one of the folllowing items:

11. Decreased Appetite

12. Increased Appetite

Only score one of the folllowing items:

13. Decreased Weight
(Within the Last Two Weeks)

14. Increased Weight
(Within the Last Two Weeks)

15. Concentration/Decision Making

16. View of Myself

17. View of My Future

18. Thoughts of Death or Suicide

19. General Interest

20. Energy Level

21. Capacity for Pleasure or Enjoyment (excluding sex)

22. Interest in Sex (Please Rate Interest, not Activity)

23. Feeling slowed down

24. Feeling restless

25. Aches and pains

26. Other bodily symptoms

27. Panic/Phobic symptoms

28. Constipation/diarrhea

29. Interpersonal Sensitivity

30. Leaden Paralysis/Physical Energy