Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (IDS) and Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS)
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IDS and QIDS are copyright protected and are the properties of UT Southwestern Medical Center. Our primary goal is to ensure wide access to IDS and QIDS, while protecting their integrity and promoting their use. Toward such goal, we have made arrangements with Mapi Research Trust to make the scales available through Mapi’s ePROVIDE online platform:

If you are an academic user or a clinician:
You can download the IDS and QIDS and the available translations directly from our online platform.
This service is restricted to academic users, who do not receive specific funding from the Industry or clinicians, who want to use the IDS and QIDS in their clinical practice.

If you are a commercial user::
Please find here below the instructions to get access to the IDS and QIDS through our online platform:

Create your profile on our online platform (basic information will be required i.e. Name, Company, Address…)

Then create your client account by clicking on My ePROVIDE, My Client Account

  • Click on “Submit a Request” displayed in the header menu or My ePROVIDE è My PROVIDE request
  • Complete the form and attach documents there if applicable (you can attach up to 5 documents to your request)
  • Send the form
  • You will then receive a notification by email that your request was successfully submitted.

Once your request is received our team will get back to you on this.